Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas

Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas, established in 2011, is a family operated business located in eastern Idaho. Our family fell in love with llamas while using a friend’s llamas on an elk hunt in Montana many years ago. We have been packing, hunting, fishing, and in the backcountry for over 16 years and life has finally allowed us to breed what we think to be the best of all pack llamas i.e. The CCara llama, Classic llama, or Working Llama.

After many years of using horses, mules, and half draft horses, we have found the perfect pack animal for our needs. As a family we enjoy summer trips, in the local mountain ranges and national parks, near our home. Hunting and extreme backcountry trips have been a part of our lives for many generations. Using llamas for our style of hiking and hunting has become an essential part of the way we see the miraculous country that constantly takes our breath away year after year.

Living in Idaho has been a lifelong dream for us. We trek with our llamas primarily in the mountain ranges that form the biggest continuous wilderness in the lower 48. We enjoy hiking and hunting in these areas because of the solitude and the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies hiking for endless miles in a place few people ever get to see.

On the top of a ridge in the middle of wilderness country, you feel entirely captivated and blessed to be in such majestic lands. We are grateful for the extreme pack animals that allow us to visit such destinations. This is how we arrived at our name “Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas”.

We have long packed with llamas but only recently discovered the ever increasing need for quality pack llamas. This propelled our idea to rent and breed llamas for our needs and the benefit of others. For generations our family has been breeding cattle & horses and we have carried over many of the similar select breeding ideals from these programs.

We have searched all over Northern America to find the right breeding stock for our packing and breeding program. In our search for the best of the best, we have met many truly amazing individuals that have helped us achieve our goals and ambitions. Without them we would never experience camping and hunting as we currently do. We are grateful for their efforts to continue the true working llama breed. Our packing and breeding program is in tribute to them.

Our goal is to continue introducing working/pack llamas to the public, on a large scale, through our sales and rentals of fully trained and trail experienced llamas. We hope to interact with many fellow breeders and those interested in using llamas to enrich their lives. We are eager to help and be a resource for all that cross our paths.

You will find that we have established a foundation for our program on many years of packing with animals that perform year after year and mile after mile. As they say the proof is in the pudding. We enjoy in the success and happiness of others. Feel free to contact us by phone or email to talk llamas and the backcountry anytime.